Swipe Your Style. Earn Crypto.


Profit from your Data.

Every time you swipe, this information is locked inside a Kowallo coin that you own. If companies want this data, they must pay you for it, directly.

Stay Anonymous.

If you decide not to sell your Kowallo coins, your data and information is held private and secure from any third party companies.

Democratized Content.

Search engines currently decide when, how, and what you see. Kowallo’s decentralized search allows for quality first, group consensus content.


Our mission is to inspire the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by reclaiming our digital fingerprint on the world. Through an easy to use mobile application, Kowallo will combine innovative blockchain technology and consumer behavior to recover the digital independence and informational assets of millions across the world.


Swipe Your Style.

Kowallo is separated into categories called “Vines”. Find a Vine you like and start swiping your favorite items to help Kowallo learn your style.

Earn Kowallo Coins.

As you start swiping, you will earn Kowallo Coins. These coins are a reward for sharing your thoughts on a product or article.

Sell, Trade, and Save.

Advertisers and companies need your coins to promote their content. Sell your coins for cash or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.


The Kowallo ICO is currently start in Q4 of 2018 and end on New Years day of 2019. To be updated before anyone else on the details of the initial coin offering and pricing information, join our Kowallo Insider group.